The Veriglobe platform provides a powerful way to

Manage Import Challenges

In sync with an ever-changing world

Global procurement is constantly changing and has brought many new data management, safety, record keeping and product compliance challenges.

Simplistic cloud based platform

The Veriglobe cloud based platform is designed to make global sourcing and procurement simplified, lower third-party inspection costs and help regain control over data and suppliers.

Enables operational efficiency

Ensure supplier accountability while reducing your risks with Veriglobe. Synchronize your supplier view and all related data in real-time for unprecedented operational efficiency.

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QCM: Quality Compliance Manager

  • Manage and control all inspection and compliance records
  • Reduce third party inspection service costs by up to 90%
  • Schedule and manage all third party, factory or self-inspection programs
  • Design your own inspection reports
  • Collect all your data for statistical management

QDI: Quality Data Interchange

  • Collect and store critical data from
 multiple sources
  • Makes collecting key data points from multiple laboratories easy and consistent
  • Provide statistical analyses and trends


  • Photo inspector for both Android and 
Apple phones
  • Easy photo inspection reports 
(hourly, daily, weekly)
  • Date, time and GPS coordinates of where pictures were taken
  • Use our Consumer Product Report format or design your own

Recognizing today's importing challenges

Today, it is very difficult to control the product quality of overseas suppliers and enforce accountability due to fragmented and delayed data.

Managing and tracking supplier data without a modern platform is challenging. It is difficult to know which suppliers are performing well or under performing. Product compliance demands can be challenging to meet without centralized data. Third part costs can be high and unpredictable when supplier control is limited.

To take back control, ensure product compliance and reduce your risks and costs, you need efficient centralized data management and analysis. Introducing Veriglobe, an exciting data management platform for USA importers that is rooted in procurement expertise.

With Veriglobe, now you're in control.

Control Supply Materials Quality


Fragmented data can prevent full transparency on your supply materials quality. Consolidating your quality data including testing inspection and production data, factory performance, and product history, helps you clearly identify product quality from one supplier to another. With Veriglobe you get an dynamic picture of your materials quality to make adjustments in real-time and prevent product quality issues from snowballing.

Enforce Accountability


Enforce supplier accountability by requiring ongoing inspection and testing management procedures. Your suppliers can now utilize Veriglobe to provide a regularly updated record of test labs, quality and inspection data. No longer will a lack of platform access stand in the way of total supplier accountability. Veriglobe ensures your suppliers have every tool they will ever need for consistent product quality assurance.

Reduce Third Party Costs


Third-party costs are a significant overhead expense for importers. Veriglobe is a powerful data tracking platform that can lower your inspection, lab testing, and auditing costs exponentially. Allow your suppliers to fully manage inspections internally to potentially eliminate these costs. Or, use Veriglobe for cost savings as an intuitive data management platform when you absolutely must hire a third party service.

A powerful platform

With over 30 years of experience in every aspect of supply chain management and product compliance, we have developed a powerful platform that directly addresses your most pressing needs.

Safety & Compliance Validation

Receive and validate your suppliers’ safety and compliance documentation in the Veriglobe platform.

Product Inspection Documentation

Enable your suppliers to upload updated product inspection documentation for centralized quality control.

Statistical Record Keeping

Powerful statistical record keeping turns your data into a cost saving, revenue driving asset.

Turn-Key No Software Required (SaaS)

Veriglobe is a cloud-based SaaS platform for importers and supply chain specialists that is turnkey and easy to deploy.

Customized Dashboard

Fully customize your dashboard and the overall platform for your specific needs including reports, pages, statistics and more.

One Stop Data & Document Storage

Consolidate your fragmented supplier data and documentation by storing it all in the Veriglobe cloud.

Instantly Monitor Schedules & QC Results

Monitor your QC results and schedules in real-time to proactively maintain standards and lower costs.

Custom Statistical Reports

Generate custom statistical reports showcasing a range of metrics for better business decision making.

Take control of your import data today!